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       We are a Miami base Contact Lens Laboratory doing what we do best, manufacturing rigid and Gas Permeable lenses.  We Specialize on hard to fit patients such as Bitorics, Post RK, Keratoconus, RGP Multifocals, Translating one piece Bifocals, etc.
     Thanks to our state of the art equipment, facility and materials, Global is able to make the most accurate gas permeable lenses available today. We bring forty one years of experience in manufacturing, every lens that leaves our laboratory is a testament of our working knowledge, our personal enthusiasm and tribute to the future of design and technology.

Are the product of years of   research and development

►State of the art CNC computerized
lathing enables us to make highly Sophisticated
complex designs such as Multifocals, Special
Keratoconus lenses and Reverse-Geometry
lenses for use in ortho-K and post-RK patients.
►Automated edge processing for controlled
►Automated system for precise duplication
of peripheral curves
►Computerized control and processing of
edge thickness



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